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Gerrit, Randy and William Visser
Gerrit, Randy and William Visser
Welcome!  We’re glad you stopped by. We created this website for you, our valued customers. Through this site you can get to know the people responsible for putting the potatoes in your very own bag of PEI SPUDS.

We tried to think of all the things you would be most interested in. We have included an extensive potato recipe section, Mom's Recipes. Some of the recipes have been developed by professional chefs and some are tried and true from out of our Mom’s own kitchen.

Check out the Spud Facts page for helpful tips on storing, nutritional information, and some fun facts about the humble potato.

What do potato farmers do anyway? Well, hop in the back of the truck and Tour The Farm. We’ve taken lots of pictures to give you some ideas of who we are, what we do, and how we do it. If you like the pictures you see, check out the Photo Shed and make one your wallpaper!

A potato is a potato is a potato? No way! Check out Our Varieties page and see for yourself.

We want to hear what you think! Somewhere along the way, please stop in to our Guest Book, hear the latest talk and sow your own seed, or Talk To Us directly.

Gerrit Visser Randy Visser William Visser
Gerrit, Randy & William Visser
From Our Guest Book
Purchased two 20 lb. bags at your farm at Thanksgiving. We love your potatoes & as we only have half a bag left would like to know where we could purchase them in our area. Thanks & will see you next summer.
M. O'Connor
Stroud, Ontario
From Mom's Recipes
Feature Recipe:  Beef-Topped Baked PEI Potatoes
Our recipe section offers many potatoes dishes to try - soups and chowders, main courses, side dishes and, of course, Mom's favourites! Satisfy your family at lunch with baked PEI Russet Potatoes and a ground beef vegetable topping.
Did You Know?
Drain and peel boiled or steamed potatoes. Mash using a potato masher, electric mixer, ricer, or food processor. Gradually add some milk and beat until light and fluffy. The amount of milk used will depend on the texture and moistness of the potatoes. If you add hot milk to potatoes when you are mashing them, they won't become heavy, lumpy or soggy. Cold milk tends to cause the starch in the potato to form a solid. Butter, salt and pepper or other seasonings may be added "to taste".
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