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Guest Book
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June 4, 2009

 Hi, I love PEI potatoes. In fact I will only eat em if they are from PEI!!

Halifax, NS

February 27, 2009

 hi nice website like reading how family buisneses work.i work for a family buisnes myself at a company called j.quattrocchi & co. were a food distributor which sells to retail & food service i've seen your potatoe bags before in our wharehouse and nice to see farms that have history keep it going

jeff ciggar
smiths falls ont.

February 4, 2009

 I wish I could get Visser potatoes here. I know that they are the best!

Guelph, Ontario

November 22, 2008

 Hi there! Imagine my joy at finding your potatoes at my local IGA store here in Surrey yesterday, all seems right with the world this morning! They don't have them too often but i do look through the store everytime i go there in hopes that they'll have them in stock...I grew up in PEI and i swear i hadnt had a good potato in more than 20 years until yours started arriving out here, believe me i was the smilingest guy in the store that day lol I've always extolled the virtues of them to friends and acquaintances who were in the belief that the best were grown in Idaho, little did they know! I usually pick up several bags for friends and myself and they are converted! It's almost a mission of mine to do that lol! I truly hope i see more of them out here, and if anything i wish to compliment you on your product, excellent quality! The Russets I mashed kast night were as white as driven snow and I'm looking forward to having them on my plate again tonight! Thank you so much and keep 'em coming!!!

Mike Wedge
Surrey B.C.

October 29, 2007

 we wait each year for these potatoes to arrive,there are no potatoes like them and i grew up in ontario and loved them even then.they are the best.please keep the lines open to this province as it is too wet to grow good tates here.thanking you and blessing you at visser &sons e.h.

elizabeth honsinger
n. vancouver island b.c..

October 21, 2007

 Could not resist to ask for some potatoe recipes after I found you while I was googling

George Rhebergen
Belleville ON

February 15, 2007

 Very interesting web site. Thanks for including recipes - I will try some, they sound very good! We have never been to PEI, but would love to visit sometime in the future - your pictures are beautiful!

Hamilton, NJ

March 26, 2006

 Great website. It is nice to see familiar faces from home on the internet!

Terence Visser
Newton, IA

November 25, 2005

 Finally can find PEI spuds on the grocery shelves once again. It's been a long time.

Bob & Marilyn Lally
Duncan, B.C.

November 24, 2005

 Purchased two 20 lb. bags at your farm at Thanksgiving. We love your potatoes & as we only have half a bag left would like to know where we could purchase them in our area. Thanks & will see you next summer.

M. O'Connor
Stroud, Ontario

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