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What are some baking tips?
Choose uniform sized potatoes. Pierce the skins several times to allow steam to escape. Do not wrap in foil unless barbecuing, since this produces steamed not baked potatoes. Bake potatoes directly on the oven rack or a baking sheet until fork tender. Remove potatoes from the oven, make an "X" on one side with a fork or knife. Fluff potato with a fork or "blossom" the potato by pushing the ends toward the centre.

The following range of oven temperatures lets you bake potatoes along with the rest of the meal. Bake at:
220C (425F) for 40-50 minutes
190C (375F) for 50-60 minutes
160C (325F) for 75-85 minutes

To decrease baking time up to half, place metal skewers or prongs through each potato.

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