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The Beginning
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Our Community
Our Community
Original Hip Roof Barn on the Farm
Original Hip Roof Barn on the Farm
Gerrit & Fim with their Grandchildren
Gerrit & Fim with their Grandchildren

It all began with an immigrant family from Holland, docking in Halifax, Nova Scotia on the east coast of Canada in 1954. After spending a few nights on Pier 21, the Visser Family came to Prince Edward Island and it was love at first site.

A farm was eventually purchased in Orwell Cove, PEI, an area where the soil looked rich and fertile and the landscape was more beautiful than in their dreams before leaving Holland.

Over time the Visser family grew and the children starting having families of their own and scattered throughout Canada. Gerrit, one of eleven children met his wife (also an immigrant from Holland) and neither of them could think of a better place to start their family than Orwell Cove, their home.

After starting out with dairy and hogs, Gerrit later converted the farm to a potato farm, which was his true passion. Gerrit and Fim had six children; William the eldest son shared his fatherís love for the land at an early age and Randy, the youngest son also joined the farm upon completion of post-secondary schooling. The three of them, Gerrit, William and Randy formed the present day businesses, Gerrit Visser & Sons (1991) Inc. as well as G.W & R Visser Farms.

Early 2009 marked the passing of Gerrit Visser. He will forever be remembered as a successful and well-known Island potato farmer. He was an innovative man, and used any challenges he faced as an opportunity to improve his operation. Aside from the farming aspect of Gerritís life, he was very much a dedicated family man, an active member of his church, a member of various boards and committees and always willing to lend a hand to those in need.

Gerritís love and respect for the land has been passed on to his sonís William and Randy, who remain dedicated to preserving the land that their father loved so dearly.


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