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Storing and Ventilating
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Traditional Bulk Storage
Traditional Bulk Storage
Empty Bulk Storage Bin
Empty Bulk Storage Bin
Potatoes Stored in Tote Boxes
Potatoes Stored in Tote Boxes

Early in the season (mid-August to early September) the potatoes that are harvested are sorted, graded, and packed in one step. After mid-September, when the evening outside temperature is cool enough, potatoes are put into storage for the coming months. Potatoes are put into storage bins and piled up to 18 feet high using a machine called a “bin piler”. After the potato truck is loaded in the field, it makes its way to the warehouse. At the warehouse potatoes are unloaded unto a machine that we call a “dirt eliminator” which further separates soil and soil lumps from the potatoes.

Potatoes store best when they are dry and clean. Our employees work hard at removing as much soil and rocks as possible from the potatoes before they enter storage. The bin piler has a boom that can move left to right, up and down, and in and out like a telescope. This boom allows the potatoes to be directed in the proper area in the storage bin.

Potatoes are cooled to the desired temperature and held at that temperature by means of cool outside air. The outside air is pushed through the pile of potatoes with large fans. Humidifiers add humidity to the air to keeps the potatoes from drying out and shriveling during storage.


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