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Packing and Shipping
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Dennis Moves a Full Pallet of 50lb Sacks
Dennis Moves a Full Pallet of 50lb Sacks
William and Dennis Check Out a Bag of Potatoes
William and Dennis Check Out a Bag of Potatoes

Potatoes can be packed in many different sizes and styles of bag or carton depending on the order to be filled. A “bagging machine” is used to fill the containers to the correct weight. It is a very versatile machine in that it can be set to fill bags ranging in weight from 110lbs. to 3lbs. A microprocessor reads weights from the machine's 12 scales and determines the correct combination of scales needed to achieve the desired weight. Accuracy is within a few ounces.

The finished product is packed on a pallet and placed in a holding area until the truck arrives for pick-up.

When the truck arrives, the packaged potatoes are checked over for damages, and in some cases a Canadian Food Inspection Agency inspector takes some samples of the finished product and inspects them to ensure they meet the proper standards. We work with the inspectors to ensure that the product going out the door is good quality. The product is then loaded onto the truck and sent on its way to its final destination.

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